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Rees Palm Steel 8
Lap Steel Guitar

8 strings. A much more convenient repacement for a pedal steel guitar
Multibender bridge has up to 4 levers to bend strings up or down
Locking tuners for easy string changes and best tuning stability
Lace ToneBar 10 pickup for full clear tone and long sustain

New preliminary info and snap photos



Rob Jackson test-drives the first one in the workshop.
The central maple spine within the korina body, and the flame maple "fretboard", take tone and sustain a step forward from the all-korina prototype.




Rees Lap Steel 8

I have developed a less expensive lap steel guitar. 6 string; 8 string; and 10 string versions can be made.
This Lap Steel 8 has a Seymour Duncan Pegasus pickup and locking tuners.
The bridge is made out of hard engineering plastic with through-body stringing.
This provides great warm tone, with extremely long sustain, and no metal harshness.

Lap Steel 8

Lap Steel 8 bridge


Specifications & Prices

Rees Palm Steel 8 £985
Rees Lap Steel 6 £415
Rees Lap Steel 8 £495
Rees Lap Steel 10 £595