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Rapport Vibe

Hipshot vibrato bridge (tremolo) for tuning stability with fine expressive modulation
Carved korina body with a choice of colours and sunbursts.
Low weight side-chambered construction, with thick solid central body core for ultimate tone and sustain.
22 fret maple neck: 25.5 in scale.
Compound radius 10 to 16 in pau-ferro fret-board for lowest possible action and big string bends.
Seymour Duncan pickups with versatile Rees 2010 controls to get all the tones you want.

A Rapport Vibe with optional birds-eye maple neck

This guitar has all the features of the acclaimed Rees Rapport, with the added bonus of having a whammy bar. In looks and use it's as simple as that. In the sophisticated internal design, and craftsmanship, the internal tone-enhancing multi-wood construction of the Rapport has been significantly re-developed to get the very best tone out of the instrument with this excellent vibrato bridge.

The Hipshot bridge is a fine piece of engineering. Chrome plated machined brass provides sophisticated appearance and precision action.. Two post hard steel knife-edge pivots ensures easy up and down pitch bending with perfect tuning stability. A heavy spring block provides best tone. The rotational stiffness of the whammy bar can be adjusted.



Rees Rapport Vibe
All specifications and options as Rees Rapport except:
Hipshot vibrato bridge (strat-tremolo-type), with two post hard steel knife-edge pivots, and heavy block for best tone