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In 2011 we built a new larger workshop to a high standard of light, energy, and heat management.






Design Office

The Design Office

Guitars are designed on a computer CAD system. Precision perspex templates are made from the CAD data.


wood blank glued

The Wood Store

I visit hardwood timber suppliers and hand pick the very best planks of Korina in terms of light weight and musical resonance.

Each plank makes the two halves of an instrument. A bass is being glued together here, after it has been planed. The grain pattern of the wood is then symetric across the two sides of the guitar body.


Wood Carving

The Wood Carving Room

High-precision perspex templates guide the router or drill for cutting cavities and hardware placement.

The rounded end to the workbench allows the guitar body to be clamped and rotated during hand carving.



The Finishing Room

Guitar bodies and necks are stained, and sunbursts are rubbed. Lacquer, oil and wax polish are applied.

The yellow steel cabinet is a fire safe for the inflamable materials.



The Electronics & Setup Room

The table is covered in carpet so that guitars are not scratched.

The multi-drawer tool trolley contains many tools, test instruments, and electronic components.