Rees 2016 Bass
Lightweight basses that punch like heavyweights

Choice of a single P-bass pickup; or dual pickups of P-bass and J-bass with punchy humbucker voice


4 string, long 34 inch scale, bass guitar
Very lightweight - lighter than industry-standard S or T solid lead guitars
Normal bass overall length and easy to play - the long upper horn brings the headstock closer to the musician
One or two Seymour Duncan pickups for punchy full tone of vintage pedigree
Korina hardwood body for fine tone and long sustain
Carved on both sides on the front and back to reduce weight and increase comfort
Choice of body colours and sunbursts
Maple neck with maple or rosewood


Single P-Bass pickup model

The pickup, made by Seymour Duncan can be either of these:

1) SPB1 Vintage P-Bass for traditional precision bass tone.
2) SPB3 Quarter-pound for P-Bass: The sound is a bit more punchy / fuller / modern

The sustain is very long with either pickup..

Volume rotary knob
Tone rotary knob having a very wide range of tone

Hear Lorenzo De Feo playing a Rees F-Light bass:
This instrument has a Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound P-Bass pickup.


Two pickup model

This model has evolved from developments to create a voice with a fat full-toned humbucker sound that has balanced brightness, clarity through the full harmonic range, and crisp punchy response, without resorting to the unreliability of battery powered active pickups. We tried several different pickup types and combinations on prototypes. Slightly surprisingly, this configuration sounds better than ready-made humbuckers! And yes, the obvious bonus is that this beauty can also deliver authentic precision bass and jazz bass voices at the flick of a switch.

Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan SPB1 Vintage P-Bass
Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan SJB1 Vintage J-Bass

The result is a very versatile bass that can switch between 4 voices:

precision bass
bridge jazz bass
humbucker (both pickups wired like a humbucker in series)
smooth dual (both pickups wired in parallel as on a jazz bass)

The sustain is very long with any of the four voices.

Volume rotary knob
Tone rotary knob having a very wide range of tone
4-way blade pickup selector switch: humbucker; precision bass; jazz bass; smooth dual

Hear Lorenzo De Feo playing a Rees F-Light-2 2 PU bass:
This instrument has a Seymour Duncan Vintage P-Bass pickup and a Vintage J-Bass pickup.
All these recordings were directly input and played with the instrument tone control full-on. Some might prefer to roll back the tone control a bit to clean up the recording.

P-Bass pickup

  P-Bass Pickup - slap bass

  J-Bass Pickup

Smooth Dual Pickups

  "Humbucker" Both Pickups

Andrew Tunnicliffe talks about his Rees Big-F-Light bass:
"I have a small collection of Bass guitars at home including a Fender Precision, Music Man and a Warwick. The Rees Big-F-Light is now my favourite by a long way. I've been playing bass for over 25 years, covering many styles of music. My style is quite percussive and I like to play full bass lines with plenty of content. I need a guitar that is strong, has great action and variability on the pickup tones. Also I wanted something light and easy to carry. Clive has built the Big-F-Light bass to meet these needs. The Big-F-Light has a real feel of quality to it. You can tell the difference with a hand built guitar like this compared to a production line model immediately. I feel very comfortable playing the Big-F-Light. It also looks great."