Neil Robben Signature Guitar
made lightweight and resonant with chambering by Clive Rees

This is simply the best S-type guitar on this planet - at least Neil believes so, and demonstrates that!.
It has the most responsive playing feel, with longest sustain, and best tone.
It has an extended range of voices from vintage to modern, with simple intuitive controls.
It is most comfortable, lightweight, and perfectly balanced.
All components have been selected to be the very best performance and quality.
The body is made of korina, an exceptional tonewood.
A spine of hard strong maple is inserted into the back of the body, to provide continuity of tone from the neck to the bridge to increase sustain,
The body is chambered with 5 hollow cavities, to reduce weight and increase resonance.
The most suitable excellent Seymour Duncan pickups have been selected. A P90 pickup in the middle can add a variable amount of grunt and grit to smooth chiming S sounds.
A unique set of Rees controls has been developed using a new modern switch and innovative design.

Neil Robben demonstrates his signature guitar



Everything about this guitar has been designed and selected to be THE BEST!

Best Body Construction
The body is made of korina, an exotic african tonewood that mainstream American manufacturers reserve for their finest instruments.
Inserted into the back from the neck to the bridge springs, are two spines of hard maple which balance tone, and maximise sustain in the way that a through-body neck does.
The body is hollowed out with five chambers around the outside, retaining a solid centre from the neck to the bridge.
The chambers reduce the weight of the guitar; increase resonance; and give it a more responsive playing feel.
The solid centre of the guitar retains the stratty character of the guitar. (It is nothing like any semi-acoustic guitar)
The body is finished with thin bipolymer lacquer for best tone and resonance.
The overall weight of the instrument is only about 3.1 kg = 6.8 lbs.

Best Neck
The maple and rosewood neck is specified to retain a traditional s-type feel but with modern jumbo frets to allow easier string bending.
A traditional single truss-rod offers light weight, vintage tone, and an easy adjustment at the headstock.
The fretboard is made of selected very dark rosewood which looks great, being nearly black, and is very hard and smooth.
The frets and fingerboard edges are all dressed and polished by hand for perfect feel.
The fretboard is a comfortable 9.5 in constant radius.
The neck is finished with bipolymer lacquer, which is gloss on the headstock, and satin on the back of the neck for smoothest playing feel.

Best Pickups
Neck: Seymour Duncan Vintage Strat for that iconic most-loved stratty voice
Mid: Seymour Duncan Vintage P90 offering added grit and grunt retaining clarity
Bridge: Seymour Duncan Custom Strat for a stronger fuller tone while retaining the original character

Best Controls
These provide an exciting extended range of voices, while having only a small functional difference from traditional controls
Knob 1: master volume
Knob 2: master tone
Knob 3: adds blend of second pickup
5-way Pickup Selector:
1) neck S PU
2) neck S PU + blend of mid P90 PU
3) mid P90 PU
4) mid P90 PU + blend of bridge S PU
5) bridge S PU
The blending on positions 2 or 4 provides mixes from clear fat to funky



Best Vibrato Bridge

Best Stability
The hipshot vibrato bridge (tremolo) has the best tuning stability of any (We have tried many different ones!). It allows both dives and rises with fine expressive modulation, and relentless return to perfect pitch. Of course, on this guitar it is aided by advanced headstock components, which eliminate the problems at that end that many vibrato guitars exhibit.

Best Tone
The back block is solid steel for maximum weight, which offers the best modulation tone.

Best Materials
The Hipshot bridge body and saddles are solid machined brass and chrome plated.

Best Adjustments
Two rocker posts are adjustable to set the rise and dive. Perfect setups are easily achieved by adjusting six individual string action heights, and six individual string intonations.



Best Headstock Components

The headstock is decorated with Neil Robben's charismatic logo.

Best Tuners
Screw-back precision locking tuners of a modern stylish design offer quick string changes, minimum play-in time, and best tuning stability. Their 18:1 ratio has the finest tuning control. The bodies are made of aluminium for lowest weight, and finished with chrome plating for durability and good looks. Internal parts are precision hard-wearing machined steel and brass.

Best Nut
The Fender LSR Roller nut has lowest friction for tuning ease and accuracy. It is perfectly tolerant of changing string sizes, needing no adjustment. It is set up with a very low action. Pairs of bearing balls under each string provide minimum friction, so that whammy-bar dives and rises relentlessly return to perfect pitch. Tiny dampers beneath the tuner side of each string provide perfect tonal balance. Overall performance is superior to a bone nut.

Best String Tree
The innovative string tree is only needed on the top three strings because the tuning posts are staggered in height. The string tree is designed and made by Clive Rees out of a low-friction engineering plastic. This all ensures that all six strings have the right break angle at the nut for stability, and have minimum friction to allow smooth stable tuning with no hysteresis.