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News November 2017

Sorry for extended radio silence!
Getting the registration of design, and the filing of patent application has taken much time!
Legal advisors have demanded secrecy during the process.
However . . . . Here it is! - the best ever acoustic-electric guitar you have ever played, or this planet has ever heard!

News March 2016

This website is having a major update.
It will include full info on the new lightweight chambered stratlike - The Neil Robben Signature guitar.
Should be up before the end of March.

Video reviews by Neil Robben:

Neil Robben Signature guitar

Rees CS2015-HH guitar


News November 2015

New offers with low prices are on the Bargains page


News October 2015

A very lightweight chambered version of the Rees Stratlike is being developed. It is very resonant with superb tone.

News June 2015

Introducing new solid body Rees guitars with a wide range of bridge types and pickup sets

Custom Shop 2015 guitars


News May 2015

Guitar & Bass magazine June 2015 published an excellent review of the Rees Spunky Valve Monkey overdrive stompbox.

GUITAR & BASS Verdict:


News April 2015

Liam Trevor, lead guitarist with The Red Kites, has bought a Rees Rapport guitar and used it on their excellent latest EP and video at
see their web-site at
and hear much of their recording catalogue on Spotify.


New snap photos of unique new builds are on More Info : Snap Photos


News January 2015

I have developed a less expensive lap steel guitar. 6 string; 8 string; and 10 string versions can be made.
This Lap Steel 8 is £495 with Seymour Duncan Pegasus pickup and locking tuners.
The bridge is made out of hard engineering plastic with through-body stringing.
This provides great warm tone, with extremely long sustain, and no metal harshness.

Lap Steel 8

Lap Steel 8 bridge


News December 2014

New recordings of the Spunky Valve Monkey are on the Stompboxes page.

Introducing the fabulous sounding Spunky Valve Monkey. A two channel, real valve powered overdrive pedal with studio quality compression!




News September 2014

Recordings of the various pedals are now on the Stompboxes page.


News April 2014

I have been designing some innovative stompbox effects pedals over the past few months. They are going into production now.
(I have a masters degree in electronics, and ten years experience in design and development of electronics products).


See and hear them on the stompboxes page.


News January 2014

New Year offer on bargains page


News December 2013

Introducing the innovative 6-WAY toggle "Sixy-Switch" for simpler quicker one-click access to a wider variety of voices:

sixy-switch Sixy Switch

This Rees Rapport has a flame mango front, and the new Rees Sixy-Switch controls that in 2014 onwards will be fitted to most Rapport guitars.
The sixy-switch feels like a car gear-change, having two rows of three positions. Each of the positions can be wired to any pickup coils combination of your choice.
This provides easy access to split-coil; mixed pickups; and anti-phase voices.
The sixy-switch is also a desirable retro-fitted upgrade to any guitar. It is a compatible replacement for guitar 3-way toggle switches.


News November 2013

Introducing the Rees Palm Steel 8
Lap Steel
Click for more info


News October 2013

I am developing an eight string lap steel guitar with guitarist Rob Jackson. The "Palm Steel 8". The bridge has tone bending levers which act in the same way as the pedals on a pedal steel guitar. We have a working prototype and it sounds just like a fine pedal steel guitar.


News May 2013

There is a new less expensive variant of the Rees Rock-Solid guitar at £785, having conventional Gotoh tuners, and a solid korina body.



News April 2013

We will be exhibiting at East Anglia Guitar Festival on Sunday May 5th.
The Ben Smith Band are playing the main electric set during the evening concert.
Both Ben and Lorenzo play Rees guitars.


News December 2012

Rees Rock-Solid guitar is introduced.

Rees Baritone guitar is recorded.


News November 2012

Newly listed bargains are up, including a genuine 1972 built Fender-Rees custom bass.

This web-site will be substantially updated in December

Eight new snap photos are added showing different colours on various models.


News October 2012

The new lightweight 5-string bass, the F-Light-5



The new Rees Baritone guitar. Note the double cutaway design with an upper horn which balances the guitar comfortably on a strap.



The new Rapport P-Rails model offers P90 single-coil voices as well as humbucker voices



News September 2012

Currently making the new design lightweight 5-string bass for Dave Mitchell-Jones of The Third Eyebrow - the F-Light-5 - pictures soon.

Nearly finished the new baritone guitar. pictures soon.

News May 2012

Ben Smith has recorded the Rees Stratlike in a variety of styles of famous songs! Hear how great it is on the Stratlike page.

Lorenzo De Feo, lead guitarist of the Matt Cardle band, has taken delivery of his second Rees Rapport guitar. He now has three Rees instruments.

News April 2012

Ben Smith has recorded the Rees Telelike with great results! Hear how superb it is on the Telelike page.

Yet Another T-Type and S-Type?
In the past I have not been interested in making simple copies of factory guitars. I strive to design and make better guitars, not just equal guitars. I get great satisfaction out of doing so. However, having designed and made many different guitars, I have discovered ways to mix selected higher quality tonewoods to enhance the tone and playability of electric guitars. The time has come to apply this expertise to two classic, now industry-standard, guitar styles. The result both accentuates the classic tonal character, and expands the variety of voices. The instruments are refined with modern stable and more reliable hardware.

The results area best-in-the-world sounding, custom-built instruments, which I am able to build and sell directly to you, without VAT.

News March 2012

The Rees Telelike prototype is out for customer trials. The new korina and maple body construction is well worth the effort, resulting in both superior clarity and sustain. A variety of neck pickups are being evaluated. A mini-humbucker is current favourite. It's a gem.

News February 2012

The new larger workshop has been up and running since Christmas! See photos of it by clicking here:


2011 was hard work, having spent half of our time for 8 months building the new larger workshop. However it is now done, and it is very comfortable even in the snow. Expect new guitar developments and faster production in 2012!

News 9 October 2011

"As seen on TV" - Lorenzo De Feo is lead guitarist in the Matt Cardle Band (last year's X-Factor winner) - Lorenzo plays a Rees Rapport Vibe guitar. They are just back from a very successful tour of Scotland with an audience of 10,000 in Glasgow. They were guest band on tonight's X-Factor show. See that again at

News September 2011

The new workshop is nearly finished! Four walls and roof are done. Front and back doors are on site. Twelve tough laminated double glazed windows arrived this week.

News May 2011

Building of the new considerably larger workshop, finishing room, and guitar studio is well under way. 35% done and thanks to good weather going very well.

News March 2011

An optional scratchplate is available for Rees Rapport guitars and other carved front models:


An optional phase reversal switch can be added to the Rees 2010 controls on the Rapport as a pull switch on the tone control.

News February 2011

The Chinese year of the Rabbit has just started! A Rees F-Light bass was delivered to a musician in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago.

There are new offers on the bargains page. Most of last year's bargains were sold.


News December 2010

Guitar Buyer magazine have written an excellent review of the Rees Rapport guitar. Read all about it in the January edition of Guitar Buyer magazine.


News November 2010

Introducing the Rees Rapport Vibe: a vibrato bridge (tremolo) version of the acclaimed Rees Rapport guitar.
Vibrato Guitar
Lorenzo De Feo has bought one for his support act of the Doobie Brothers.


News October 2010

A fretless version of the Rees Big-F-Light bass can be ordered. It is surprisingly bright and very expressive.
Andrew Tunnicliffe said of his instrument after a couple of weeks of playing: "I have to tell you this guitar is absolutely fantastic. I love the playability and the tones I can get out of it. I'm genuinely thrilled."
Fretless Bass


September 2010

New Rees 2010 controls for the Rapport guitars provide the ultimate in versatility, yet are easy and intuitive to use.

Ben Smith has recorded a fabulous wide range of playing styles using a Rees Rapport guitar. Sound samples are on the Rapport page.


August 2010

There are some new photos of Rees Rapport guitars.

The August edition of Bass Guitar magazine has a great review of the Rees Big-F-Light bass, and an interesting interview with David Mitchell-Jones of Bijoumiyu.

There are new sound recordings of a 2 pickup Rees F-Light bass on the 4 String Bass page.


May 2010

There is a new animation of a Rees Big-F-Light bass here

April 2010

Here is a preview photo of the new Rees Rapport.
There is an animation of it here

Several customers have provoked me to come up with an overall more symmetric design, having discovered the fantastic tone with extra bass attack, provided by the fairly new Rees single-cut body design.
This one warrants a specific model name.
Call me now for early personalised versions!
Average prices of custom-shop quality versions: solid korina £775 ,carved korina £885, carved flame maple as shown £1300.
Available with humbuckers or P90s or P90-humbucker pickups.

February 2010

See the new single-cut solid korina and carved maple models from the GUITARS page.

The F-Light lightweight bass range is expanded with:
a two pickup model
a full-sized body version
- the Big-F-Light
choice of headstock shapes
see the new 4 String Basses page

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January 2010
Happy New Year!

See the new BANDS page for a directory of bands that play Rees instruments


December 2009 - two exotics:

A personal build custom guitar

A CKFM vibrato guitar

News November 2009:

The new "Design Yours" page will enable you to design a Rees Custom Shop Guitar and get an instant price quote.
It will build a line drawing of your dream guitar and show you the specification and price.

There is a new "Controls" page describing a wider range of control sets for various pickup sets in more detail.

New single cutaway body shape is available with a variety of pickups.

News September 2009:

New guitar photos are in the colours page
New items in Bargains section

All of the new carved korina family are available to order now: see CK; CKM; CKF; CKFM
Solid body or chambered with F hole
Korina or flame maple front
Wrap-around bridge or vibrato bridge
Humbuckers or P90s


News June 2009:

The Colours page is updated with new images of the most popular korina colours.

The Rees JazzBox guitar is ideal for jazz and all styles of rhythm guitar. It can not only sound sweet and charming with thoroughbred traditional jazz tone, but also dish out the dirt when asked. You might not believe this until you try it, but with light strings this is actually the easiest guitar to play and sound great. The new carved korina body will also be used on a variety of rock guitars with various bridges and pickups. Hear Ben Smith's sound tracks!

The June edition of Performing Musicians magazine has a fine review of the Rees 5bass.

See us at the North West Guitar Show, Manchester Sunday 10th May 2009.


News April 2009:

The new Rees F-Light bass is very lightweight, mobile, and designed for performing musicians

F-Light bass guitar


News March 2009:

The April edition of Guitar Buyer magazine features a fine review of the Rees F2 and Rees T3 guitars.