*** NEW! *** (short info and rough snapshot photos)

Rees Patent Pending acoustic-electric guitar
UK Registered Design 6010985


A guitar that is always exceptionally good to play: either electric; or acoustic; or both!

This guitar is great for performing loud, or moderately. It is designed for this modern era of safe sound intensity on stage, with optional use of full-on extended PA systems to larger audiences. Playing next to a full acoustic drum kit, this guitar plays loud, and has a wide progressive spectrum of feedback from slight, to edgy, to full-on infinite sustain. It has excellent dynamic range feel, with clean or dirty amps, and effects. This lively behaviour creates more excitement in small and medium size gigs. At home, practicing full-on progressive feedback at moderate playing volumes is more accessible, and easier to control than ever before.

This guitar is designed for tonal perfection - not acoustic volume. As a pure acoustic guitar, it sounds exceptionally beautiful in a quiet environment. Perfect clear harmonics, with great string separation, such that you can enjoy the sound of every note in every chord. Long sustain of any and all undamped notes on any fret. It is the perfect instrument to play in your home environment, with no danger of annoying the neighbours, or waking the kids.

For home gigs, or street performing, this guitar is gentle, sweet, and great-sounding on delicate small speaker practice amplifiers. A mix of acoustic, and low-volume electric sound, is perfect to play with singers without microphones. With a tiny dirty amp, it can also dish the dirt nicely at low volumes, when you want to rock out without starting a neighborhood war.

The fully hollow guitar body has an innovative construction, with a provisionally patented bridge mechanism. The back of the inside bridge block is partly attached to the solid back of the guitar, as well as the front. Strings are easily inserted through the back of the body to the bridge, and then held by accurate locking tuners on the headstock.

The proper electric pickups (Seymour Duncan P90s) are mounted onto the solid back of the guitar body, and do not compromise the acoustics of the front soundboard. The result is a guitar that has the stability, versatility, and the dynamic range of a proper electric guitar: and all that added to a proper acoustic guitar, without compromising any of it's acoustic performance.