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Korina and maple body with a choice of colours and sunbursts.
Low weight construction, with maple solid central body core for ultimate tone and sustain.
Hipshot vibrato bridge (tremolo) for tuning stability with fine expressive modulation.
Optional hardtail (fixed) bridge.
Optional chambered body.
22 fret maple neck: 25.5 in scale.
Pau ferro or dark rosewood or maple fretboard.
Compound radius 10 to 16 in fret-board for lowest possible action and big string bends.
Optional 9.5 in fixed radius fret-board
Fender LSR Roller nut for tuning ease and accuracy, and string weight tolerance.
Locking Tuners for quick string changes and best tuning stability.
Seymour Duncan pickups with versatile Rees controls to get all the tones you want.
5 single-coil voices and 6 humbucker voices.

S-Type Guitar
This guitar has stylish all-chrome pickup covers and hardware.
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S-Type Guitar back
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Ben Smith recorded a Rees Stratlike in a variety of famous song styles
The amplifier is a Fender Hot-Rod Deville. Recorded with an AKG dynamic microphone off-centre in front of the amp. No effects, no compression, no post-processing. This guitar naturally has all the sustain you will ever need! This Stratlike has a Seymour Duncan JB bridge humbucker and vintage strat spec middle and neck pickups. The same guitar in this photograph is used for all recordings.

Single Coil Pickup Song Styles

Songs Pickup(s) Single-Coil
Hay Jo! Neck p
Proud and Coy Neck p
Buddy Neck & Middle p
Freak! Neck & Middle p
Blooze Middle p
Cheap Home Bridge SC & Middle p
Cherokee Bridge SC p

Humbucker Pickup Song Styles

Songs Pickup(s) Humbucker
Santadah! Bridge Humbucker p
Whole Lotta Fudge Bridge Humbucker p
B B Thing Middle (Br SC ser Mid SC) p
Jazzy Neck (Br SC ser Neck SC) p

Unique Body Construction
Custom Shop luthiers all know that to make an exceptionally good S-type or T-type guitar out of a single selection of ash requires very careful sourcing and selection of the wood. Even then the outcome can be somewhat unpredictable. (As for trying to use alder or basswood or poplar - forget it - they are not the best tonewoods) Opinions divide on the subject of weight. Heavy ash with a thin finish can have excellent sustain and very good tone, although sometimes it can be a bit brittle. But who wants a weight-lifting session every time they play guitar? Swamp ash can be light and of very good tone, but the outcome is rather unpredictable. The trouble with it is that lighter woods are softer, and do not support the bridge of the guitar with perfect tonal clarity. African tonewoods are excellent, but due to geography have been little used by American guitar companies, other than Gibson and PRS for exotics. Korina is the best known. Tonally it is like mahogany but a little brighter and clearer. Mixed with well-designed parts of maple, which is extremely clear-bright-sounding, the resulting Rees Stratlike is a guitar that sounds outstandingly clear, bright, and perfectly tuneful, yet is of modest weight. The clarity results in the distinctive tonal character of the very best vintage S-type guitars coming through in abundance. Two spines of maple from neck to bridge down the centre of the Rees body do a similar job to a neck-through-body construction in terms of enhancing the natural sustain of the guitar. Tone is further enhanced by using a fairly thin multi-layer finish of bipolymer luthier's lacquer.

Two Guitars in One
Do you prefer single-coils or humbuckers? - and at the bridge, neck or middle? That is an age-old guitarists' debate. Well, here is the good news, we can all have all choices on this guitar! The combination of Seymour Duncan's legendary JB humbucker at the bridge, and Clive Rees' innovative wiring achieves the best of both worlds. The JB is of course one of the most powerful pickups around, which when you dig in deep, can get even the most smooth valve amp very hot indeed. On this superbly resonant body, when switched to a single coil, half a JB also makes an excellent bridge single-coil pickup. Just as strong as the vintage strat pickups. This is a feature that just does not work so well on factory bodies. Unlike many overwound humbuckers, the JB is capable of perfect bright clarity with a bit of maple behind it. Ok, 5 SC voices are like a vintage S-Type. How do we offer 5 humbucker voices? The trick is to humbucker-add one coil of the JB with the usual 5-way selection of the other 3 coils. Bingo! - and again it works with heavy fat humbucker tone and perfect brightness and clarity on this maple-enhanced korina body. The same pickups and circuit work fairly well on a factory poly sprayed alder or ash body, but on a factory guitar do not have the same clarity and brightness in the mixed pickup modes.

Sunbursts are hand-rubbed with dyes to accentuate the natural wood grain and figuring. They are not spray-painted like most factory guitars.

Traditional body contour carvings for tummy and elbow are expected on this class of guitar. This Stratlike also has a carved neck heel which provides better left-hand access to the highest frets.

Tuning Stability
On any vibrato bridge guitar, keeping the strings in tune requires the very best bridge, nut, and tuners. This is a part of the guitar world where vintage design and construction was certainly not best! Pivoting a bridge on six wood-screws is often unstable because the bridge can rock unpredictably from one pair of screws to another. Plastic or bone nuts do not let the strings slide back into tune after whammy-bar bends. Strings can slip on traditional tuners. Fortunately, we have modern better-engineered hardware now to use on this guitar. The hipshot bridge is precision machined to make it perfectly accurate. The two hardened fulcrum bearings are perfectly stable and very hard-wearing. The Fender LSR roller nut allows the strings to slide back into perfect tune. The precision locking tuners hold the strings with zero slip and zero stretch. The result is good-bye to tuning stability worries!

Pickup Selection
Voice Mode 1: All Vintage Single-Coil Voices: 5-way sector: Bridge SC; Bridge SC + Mid ; Mid ; Mid + Neck; Neck
Voice Mode 2: H-S-S Voices: 5-way selector: Bridge Humbucker; Bridge H + Mid; Mid; Mid + Neck; Neck
Voice Mode 3: All Humbucker Voices: 5-way selector: Bridge H; Bridge + Mid H; Mid H; Mid + Neck H; Neck H


Rees Stratlike
Body Construction: Solid two-piece book-matched korina; maple solid centre; two maple back spines
Body Finish: thin bipolymer lacquer
Neck: maple, 25.5 in scale (like most Fenders); 21 mm thick at 1st fret; 22 mm thick at 12th fret
Neck Finish: smooth silk bipolymer lacquer on back, gloss bipolymer lacquer on headstock
Fretboard Finish: Lemon oil on pau ferro, or gloss bipolymer lacquer on maple
Neck Truss Rod: Double truss rod with side adjustment
Pau Ferro; compound radius, 10 in to 16 in radius
Nut: 43 mm (1 11/16in) wide Fender LSR Roller Nut
Tuners: Screw-back precision locking tuners
Bridge: Hipshot chrome plated machined brass; solid saddles, with six individual string action height, and six individual string intonation adjustments
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan JB humbucker with nickel cover
Neck and Mid Pickups: Seymour Duncan vintage strat with metallic covers
Controls: 5-way Pickup Selector; Volume; Tone; Voice Mode (Single-Coils or HSS or Humbuckers)
Weight: ~3.7 kg = 8lbs

Bridge Option
Hardtail (fixed) bridge: solid saddles, with six individual string action height, and six individual string intonation adjustments.

Pickup Options
Seymour Duncan vintage strat bridge pickup
Customer specified pickups
Two humbuckers

Colour Options
Natural Korina
Blonde Korina
Butterscotch Korina
Dark Cherry Red
Amber Sunburst
Violin Sunburst
Tobacco Sunburst
Dark Cherry Sunburst
Black Sunburst
Stripy Brown
Stripy Black